Judge Favourites: Emotion in Images

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year encompasses a range of genres of food photography across an array of different categories. With categories ranging from Food Stylist Award, through to World Food Programme Food for Life, Fujifilm’s Award for Innovation to Politics of Food, there is something for every kind of photographer.

Our judging panel is carefully crafted to maintain an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Chaired by David Loftus, our panel range from photographers and magazine editors to creative directors and film directors, to food retailers and chefs.

Each year, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is delighted to learn so much from the wealth and knowledge of our judges. In this series, we wanted to share with you some of our judges’ favourite images, and what has really stood out to them in the competition so far.


This time, we are joined by Maria Gracia Subercaseaux, Photographer and Communicator and one of our judges from Chile.

We asked Maria to look back at some of our 2021 Finalists and share with use those images that stood out to her.


Meet our Judge - Maria Gracia Subercaseaux



'Photography is light, it is telling a story, it is composition and it is emotion... And in these great pictures, you can find all of that.'



Maria's Top 2021 Picks


Bring Home the Harvest, Highly Commended



Food at the Table, 2nd Place
Prayer before Meals 



Food for the Family, 1st Place



Food in the Field, 3rd Place
Packing Vegetables


Politics of Food, Highly Commended
Having Lunch Amongst the Garbage



On the Phone, Highly Commended
Fishing on the Lake



Food at the Table, 1st Place
Breakfast at Weekly Market 



Bring Home the Harvest, Highly Commended
Fishing Net



Food for the Family, 2nd Place
The Story of the Old Stove




Fujifilm Award for Innovation, 1st Place
Making Rice Noodles 




Food Influencers, Highly Commended
Dried Fruit 



Food for the Family, Highly Commended
A Winter Meal 




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