Photography Success From Across the Globe – New Zealand

Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2021 has seen some incredible images from every corner of the globe.

We wanted to look at some of the shortlisted and finalist images from different global regions and find out how these photographs have touched our global judging panel.

We have seen great success from photographers from New Zealand in the competition this year.

We invited Nicola Galloway, award-winning cookbook author, culinary tutor, food photographer and Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year judge, to share with us her favourite regional photographs, as well as her experience judging.


Nicola, what has been your favourite image from New Zealand?

‘I have two…

Fiona Hughes ‘Decay’ series is really different, and I love the moody colour palette, particularly of Still Life...’












Fiona was shortlisted in our Food Stylist Category with two series. ‘DECAY’ is her documentation of the plight a pandemic puts on food production, availability and accessibility - the focus it becomes, time waits for no one. A ironically happy table of decayed food, less than desirable fish, a delicious but disgusting tart & quiet insects emerging.


…And Manja Wachsmuth’s Wheke (Octopus) is show stopping in both its detail and simplicity.’ 



Manja Wachsmuth, an Auckland based photographer, was awarded second place with this incredible image. Octopus is a photograph from the ingredients chapter in Monique Fiso's critically acclaimed book, Hiakai: Modern Māori Cuisine. Shortly after this announcement, Hiakai won best FIRST book, illustrated non-fiction AND Booksellers Aoteraroa New Zealand Award for best Illustrated non-fiction in New Zealand Book Awards.

Manja also came second in the Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year- People category with ‘Harvest’. This image captures the harvesting of grapes at the Tantalus Estate on Waiheke Island, Auckland.




Are there any other images that have taken your eye in this year’s competition?

‘Student Food Photographer of the Year, 3rd place ‘’Breaking bread.’’



I love the composition of this image with the brick wall and window, and the gently warm light within. There is a real sense of calm in the photo, and of the baker completely absorbed in his craft.’ 


This image was taken by Oscar Holgado, United Kingdom - with the ubiquity of bread, in some form, across nearly every culture in the world, I turn my attention of the process of making sourdough. This image captures harry scoring the loaves just before loading the oven.



Nicola, what did you love about judging this year?

‘It is always such as honour to be a judge for these awards. I love spending time looking through the images I am sent to judge, and thoroughly enjoyed the commentary about the finalist images by David Loftus and other judges.’



Why is food and photography so important to you?

‘Good food photography takes skill to tell a story or entice the viewer to try a dish. For me, I began my food photography first as necessity so I could photograph my food for publications and cookbooks in real time - this is important to me. But along the way I have learned to appreciate good composition and lighting and become quite passionate about the skill of photography.’ 



Want to see more regional highlights? Keep an eye on our blog page.

To view our online gallery of all 2021 finalists across every category and region, please visit: 

In an exciting first for the competition, the exhibition of the 2021 Finalists will be premiering at The Royal Photographic Society, one of the world’s oldest photographic societies, in Bristol.

The exhibition will run from 20 November - 12 December 2021. Entry is free, and we hope to see you there!

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