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Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year encompasses a range of genres of food photography across an array of different categories. Whilst our categories are open to both professional and amateur, Production Paradise Previously Published calls for the very best previously-published photographic work. Whether from books, newspapers, magazines, online, advertisements or promotional material, we have seen some incredible images from across the globe.


Having just launched for Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2022, we wanted to look back at some of our finalist images of 2021 and find out why this category is so important. 


The winner of Production Paradise Previously Published in 2021 was After Party by Remko Kraaijeveld from the Netherlands. “It’s a satire of decadence, all the more impactful in these strange times,” Caroline Kenyon, Founder/Director of the Awards.



We asked Remko what he would say to someone thinking of entering Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year...


Just do it, life is too short to miss out on all the fun.’



In Second place was The Tokyo izakaya by Mark Parren Taylor, which shows men at an izakaya at Omoide Yokocho enjoying eel and beers at the end of a day. 





The range and quality of images this year has been extraordinary. They tell moving, beautiful, shocking, entertaining food and drink stories of every kind from around the world, a world still gripped by the pandemic, and show us how food is the thread that connects us all.






We asked the team at Production Paradise, including Andreas Von Estorff, Co-Founder and esteemed judge, to share with us what they loved about our 2021 finalists and what they are looking for in the category this coming year…


‘We loved the diversity in the category: seeing carefully styled images, that were perfected to the smallest details, as well as un-staged, spontaneous shots.


We hope to see same great quality and variety of images in 2022. We highly value the mastery in photography and beautiful imagery, but we also know that for being a successful commercial photographer, that is not always enough. Working with commercial and advertising photography, we do look for images with a ‘wow’ effect, something that would stand out among the rest and stay in the memory.


Production Paradise Previously Published category is focused on those photographers who see their food photography as a job, rather than a hobby. These days anyone with some feeling of aesthetics can take a nice shot, but this category is focused on those who really know their craft and can convey an idea of a client, brand or a magazine with their images.’




Want to see the Production Paradise Previously Published finalist images in person?


In an exciting first for the competition, the exhibition of the 2021 Finalists including these images, will be premiering at The Royal Photographic Society, one of the world’s oldest photographic societies, in Bristol, England. The exhibition will run from 20 November - 12 December 2021. Entry is free.



Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is now open!


‘The competition promotes and encourages high quality food photography through many categories aimed at multiple types of photographers and stylists of all ages. This is fantastic for the world of photography and the prestige of being shortlisted is brilliant encouragement for all those entrants that are!’ -  Richard Puller, Production Paradise Previously Published Finalist 2021. 


Explore all our categories and discover inspiration from our previous finalists.



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