As Young Ambassador for the Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2013 I was asked to share my ideas about why I thought food photography was so important for children to get involved in.

Dad told me that there have been 17 million downloads of one of my pictures from our photo website. That's amazing because I took the photo once but it has told all those people about my lunch, even people that don't speak English. When I started my writing project I read other blogs and the best had photographs. My camera was old and ate the batteries so I had to borrow a camera and get permission from school. I still don't have my own camera. The photos of my school dinners showed everyone what it is like to be me at school lunchtime because it’s like you are seeing a moment from my eyes. Without the photos on my blog I don't think people would have believed me if I had just told them what I ate. I think it's easier for children to take a photo and talk about their lunches rather than just to try and explain to adults what we have. At school I was only allowed to take photos of just the food but when I visit Malawi in October to meet the children getting a Mary's Meal from the kitchen money my blog has raised I will have more in my photos. My top tip for taking food photos is to get the whole meal and what you eat it with. I really like the different chopsticks in the photos I have been sent.

I hope that lots of children take pictures for the competition; it is a free to enter food photography competition for children under 18 years old! I am really looking forward to meeting the winners and presenting them with their award.

Additional Notes:

If you would like to find out more about Martha you can visit her blog at and to read about the incredible work Mary’s Meals achieve visit .

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