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Please select the video to upload from your computer for initial entry into the competition. Please read the submission guidelines below before submitting your entry:

  • Films will be judged on content. They may be no longer than three minutes in length (180 seconds) including titles and credits and must be no more than 100mb for initial submission.
  • Must be U or PG rated in accordance with the British Board of Film Classification guidelines
  • Must comply with Ofcom’s Broadcasting Code (in particular your film must be suitable for transmission before 9pm)
  • Must comply with the CAP (non-broadcast) Code
  • Must be in English or subtitled in English
  • Must only use music that you have the rights to use
  • Must be sent in digital format


If your work is shortlisted:

We will need your work in its highest quality, sent digitally.

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How to Enter

Please select each video that you wish to enter into the competition then click ‘Enter these videos’.

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