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Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year encompasses a range of genres of food photography across an array of different categories. With categories ranging from Food Stylist Award, through to World Food Programme Food for Life, Fujifilm’s Award for Innovation to Politics of Food, there is something for every kind of photographer.

Our judging panel is carefully crafted to maintain an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. Chaired by David Loftus, our panel range from photographers and magazine editors, to creative directors and film directors, to food retailers and chefs.

Each year, Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year is delighted to learn so much from the wealth and knowledge of our judges. In this series, we wanted to share with you some of our judges favourite images, and what has really stood out to them in the competition so far.


In this blog, we are joined by Christina Force, Photo Consultant, Speaker & Folio Editor. With an incredible thirty years in the photography industry, we are honored to have Christina join our 2022 panel. 

Christina looks back at our 2021 Finalists, and shares those images that really stood out to her across all of our categories. She explains why she has been drawn to these photographs, and what she is looking for in judging Pink Lady® Food Photographer of the Year 2022. 


Meet our Judge - Christina Force



'Looking at all the finalists was the most lovely journey through the world of food- how it is grown, produced, prepared and consumed. I loved learning about the spiritual reverence that Buddist monks have with food and appreciated being shown the dire need by many. 

It’s also exciting to see new ways that food makers and stylists, together with amazing photographers, can show us food in a different way, whatever their purpose- to educate, witness or simply make us deliciously hungry- and that’s what I’m looking forward to in the judging this February.’



Christina's Top 2021 Picks

It’s always hard to choose a favourite image when there is such a diverse mix of work, so I have honed in on a few shots from the finalists.’


‘Firstly, I am from the advertising world, so I’m often drawn to work which has a clear message and is quite conceptual. This pile of sweet fruit with its sparkly sugary texture and strong colours by Kattoo Hillewaere really grabbed me - even though I’m not sweet toothed. The skill of the best food photographers is to make us want to eat something we don’t usually even like!’

Category: Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture

Title: Sweet Fruit 

Description: Tasty and Colourful Sweets



‘There were many amazing images which captured the beautiful quality of light in Asia but this one to me really evoked the feeling of what eating food should be about. Good food photography conjures up the taste, smell and experience for us, and this image by Thong Nguyen achieves this brilliantly. Harnessing the magical atmosphere and light, he captures a strong sense of comfort and warmth and the joy of eating simple nourishing food at the end of a day. It’s what connects all of us.’

Category: Food at the Table

Title: Breakfast and the Weekly Market

Description: Local people are enjoying Pho, beef or chicken noodles at a market eatery. The fair is held once a week on a Sunday. People come from different ethnic groups, they come to the market not only to buy and sell, the fair is also a very unique cultural and culinary exchange. 




‘Another super evocative image is this one by Manja Wachsmuth. This photograph could have been made in any vineyard in the world, and hones in on the subtle details of the grape picker, revealing her age and experience, and quiet presence as she carefully handles the fruit. Again, beautiful use of light and composition draw us into this focused moment revealing the immutable connection between humans and nature’s offerings.’

Category: Errazuriz Wine Photographer of the Year - People

Title: Harvest

Description: Grapes are bring harvested at the Tantalus Estate, on Waiheke Island, NZ Harvest 2020. 




‘I think it’s worth sharing this image by Md mahabub hossain Khan which starkly conveys how dire the need for sustenance is for some. This little boy is barely noticeable amongst the mound of plastic bottles and the shaft of light above him cleverly draws the eye from the sacks to his little body, desperate for a drink.

I think images of horror can and should be beautifully captured - it helps us linger even more and evokes a response in our hearts.’ 

Category: World Food Programme Food for Life

Title: Drinking From Garbage

Description: A little child drinking from a bottle. 




‘Ending on a lighter note, I loved the lighting and composition of this photograph by Chloe Hardwick. The coloured glass and pops of colour against the textured cloth are very compelling (though I think if it really was the end of a girl’s night there would be way more stains on the tablecloth!)’

Category: Claire Aho Award for Women Photographers

Title: Aftermath of a Girls Night 



Learn more about Christina and her experience in the industry. 

About | Christina Force




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