A Picture that tells a Hundred Stories

With the countdown to our Online Awards Evening this Tuesday 28 April at 8pm BST, where we will be announcing our winners, we are so excited to discover the stories behind our Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2020 photographs and what it has meant to our photographers.

‘A good friend introduced me to the Pink Lady® Food Photography of The Year awards a couple of years ago. I never win competitions, but inspired by a few food photographers on Instagram, I took the plunge and entered a few food shots. A few months later, I was gobsmacked to learn I’d been shortlisted: one of my images made the top 5. The award ceremony was beyond any expectation and I met some truly talented people.
Del Sneddon.

This year, I took a chance and entered a portrait of Romy Gill: a chef and hospitality ambassador who was in the process of publishing her first book, Zaika. It is a touching, personal account of her upbringing and celebrates the food her mum made when she was a child. So often, the best shots happen by accident and this is a perfect example. I was commissioned to photograph her food for the book, but one night, I caught her candidly cooking in her tiny kitchen.

The awards will be different this year because of our unique circumstances, but I will nevertheless enjoy the build-up and I’ll be crossing my fingers as I watch the proceedings online. I wish everyone who has entered the very best of luck.’

‘This picture tells a hundred stories…’ – Romy Gill MBE

Title: Midnight Oil
Category: The Philip Harben Award for Food in Action
Photographer: Del Sneddon
Description: Romy Gill: chef and hospitality ambassador during a 12-hour shoot for her upcoming vegan book, Zaika. This was taken late into the night when her staff had left for the evening. She soldiers on, cooking relentlessly.

Chef, Author, Foodwriter – the amazing Romy Gill MBE shared her story of this image with us…


‘Emotions and heartbreak only Del could have captured of the beautiful journey of my book.

‘Dates and times were fixed for the shoot of my first book Zaika but suddenly got a call I Mum passed away and I flew to India. I asked my publishers if we could change the dates, they could not so I had to return 2 days after the funeral and had to shoot the following the week. We closed the restaurant for 4 days and did the shoot as I could not face cooking for the customers and doing the shoot while thinking about my dad who was now all alone in India without my Mum. This was sudden as she was not ill, and I kept thinking what if I had called her that day? They were going to come to the book launch in September and my brother was going to surprise them and come from LA to the launch.

I was deep in my thoughts while cooking. I guess we all grief in different ways and getting back into cooking and focussing in getting the book right by and make it into a love letter to my mum.’


Join us to celebrate the best in food photography and film. On Tuesday 28 April, 8pm BST we will be announcing our 2020 winners at our Online Awards Evening!

You can sit back and enjoy the show on our Facebook page. Grab a glass of bubbles, a cup of tea - or whatever your beverage of choice may be.



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