Styling Tips for Wine Photography

#2: Styling

 As part of the build-up to the International Wine Photography Day, this Wednesday 13 November, Chio Fernandez shares her expertise on Styling for Wine Photography.

Try to think of the story you want to tell with your image. I start with an idea and then I move on to doing some research to find inspiration for props. Pinterest and Instagram are great sources of inspiration. Try not to copy but grab ideas from other images and then combine them and alter them to create your own image.

I tend to cover three different styles: minimalist, contextual and fine art. I start with the subject on its own, creating a simple image and once I am happy with that, I add props to add context to the subject. When it comes to wine, adding things like a bottle opener, a cheese platter, or some grapes into the frame can really set the mood of the image.

Another great way of creating context is adding a human factor try a hand in frame grabbing a glass or some wine pouring action. And for the last part of the shoot, I like getting creative. Adding flowers or some quirky unusual wine glasses you can really create something special. Think of all your images as complementary to each other.

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Keen to try out Chio’s Tips? Celebrate #WinePhotographyDay this November 13th and share your photographs with us.

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